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Innovative, Transaction-Based Solutions for the Real Estate Industry:

HBN Interactive (HBNi) provides targeted solutions for home sellers, real estate agents, and investors in the real estate industry. We have two divisions to best serve our customers: Transaction Services and HBNi Media. The transaction services division focuses on - you guessed it - transactions. Our Media division focuses solely on driving home seller and buyer traffic through our network of 4000+ real estate domains to our network of realtors and investors.

Our goal is simply this: to bring home buyers, home sellers, real estate agents, and investors as close to the transaction as possible. We then step aside and let them do their thing.

To achieve this goal, we had to find the top agents in the North America, the strongest home buyers around, and couple them with actionable buyers and sellers.

Transaction Services

Through the power of HBN Interactive's network of highly targeted and specialized media properties, the company is able to bring highly motivated sellers and actionable and ready buyers to the transaction table. We deliver these buyers and sellers to the highest tier of professionals in the real estate industry. HBN Interactive is unique in that our service professionals have to qualify to get into our network. The result is a powerful network - our agents' average over 100 transactions per year and our home buyers acquire an average of 20-50 properties per year. There is no service in the nation that can match the transaction power of HBN Interactive. Our Home Buyers and Sellers get the best of class, and we create the ultimate win-win scenario.

Media Services

HBN Interactive owns close to 4,000 highly targeted real estate domains. While some internet sites drive millions of visitors and tout their page views, at then end of the day they have visitors and page views, but no action. We don't want eyeballs for the sake of eyeballs. We want to attract people that are ready to buy, sell, and transact real estate. Some of our media properties include Houses.net, the first and only MLS of sorts for pre-foreclosure and distressed property. Houses.net generates thousands of buyers monthly that are ready, willing, and able to buy real estate. The average page view per user is over 12, this is over twice the rate of Trulia, and 80% higher than Zillow. There is a reason; we have the targeted content people want. Our other media properties include location based real estate sites, selling sites, buying sites, and real estate information sites.

We are building a platform that will allow advertisers to laser target their advertising and create highly effective campaigns. A leader since 2002, HBN Interactive has expanded its service offering to include a number of different subsidiaries, each providing a unique aspect to the real estate transaction.